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We at Able Academy believe in efficiency. Our training reflects this. We work on knowledge transfer, not box ticking.

Compliance and risk in house training


As business people, we understand your business can’t afford to waste time and money on ineffective training – so we deliver the training you need, when and where you need it. You want staff who have the confidence to do the necessary work day to day.  Our team of experienced consultants and trainers excel at providing hands on, on the job training – transferring our knowledge to your team, so they can apply what they’ve learned time and time again.

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 We specialise in Compliance Training and Awareness.

Our courses cover:

Information SecurityInformation Security Risk Training

We have training solutions that cover Information Security and Data Protection training solutions including ISO 27001 and the Data Protection Act.


The Environment

 Environmental Risk Training

Protecting the environment is good for business and our Environmental training solutions include ISO 14001 Awareness and Internal Auditor courses.



Quality Risk Training

Managing product and service quality is important for all businesses and our training solutions include ISO 9001 Awareness, Internal Auditor and other quality methodologies.


WellbeingWell-being Risk Training

Staff are the most important asset to an organisation and there are may ways you can take care of them.  Our well-being workshops address  stress management, work life balance and more.


Health & Safety TrainingHealth and Safety Risk Training

We have training solutions to cover a variety of health and safety risks including manual handling, work at heights, general awareness and more.


risk and compliance training courses

We have a growing portfolio of training opportunities covering many of the common risk areas for businesses of all types. In addition, our industry experienced trainers can design a programme to meet your specific requirements and we can cover multiple sites or arrange for it to be hosted at a number of venues across the UK.

Delivered by Experienced Trainers

Our trainers and training partners are specialists in the risk areas they cover and we believe it is important to bring real world experiences in to the classroom as this allows delegates to instantly apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in the context of your organisation.

Featured Training Providers:

AssentAspire Wellbeing

Central Training Records

Using our training services has the added benefit of central record keeping, which we know is important for compliance and risk management. We will confidentially retain information of the sessions your employees have been involved with, and can easily present back to you.
We will also notify your designated gaining managers in advance of when certificates are due to expire, and we’ll advise you when we feel refresher compliance training may be of benefit.

Venue Options

We believe the most effective environment for compliance training is within your own organisation, as there are no additional travel concerns for the delegates, and the training is focused more acutely on the specific work environment.
Sometimes our clients prefer to be away from the workplace, and in these cases our office can help co-ordinate training space, catering and accommodation at a number of venues around the country.

How Can We Help With Your Compliance Training?

Our office is ready to discuss your training needs.

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